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A Patient’s Testimonial for Ultherapy

Donna is a patient at Esana MedSpa. She learned about Esana when her favorite Esthetician, Vickie, joined our team. Donna says, “When I found out Vickie was going to Esana, I knew I was too!” As Donna began to see signs of aging, she knew who to ask for advice.

Donna met Dr. Davila who she describes as “a great educator who is subtle in his approach and wants patients to make their own decision after being armed with information.”

When asked about her decision to get Ultherapy, Donna said, “it is wonderful to live in a time when there are non-invasive options available.” Donna wanted tighter skin and less wrinkles on the lower part of her face, chin and neck, an area she had previously treated with injectables. In his words, Dr. Davila recommends Ultherapy because “it is a great option for patients that want needle-free, subtle, and gradual improvement. It also gives my more ambitious patients tighter facial skin that will allow fillers to provide a more effective correction that can yield dramatic results.”

Donna was happy with how Dr. Davila made sure she was comfortable. According to Donna, they discussed her pain tolerance level, the availability of pain medication, and Dr. Davila made sure she knew what to expect. “There was minimal discomfort,” Donna said, “and when it is over, it is over. No downtime and no lasting discomfort.”

Donna says she saw the most dramatic results three months after having the procedure. She stated, “I never wanted people to look at me and say, ‘Oh my gosh, what did you have done?’ I wanted them to say, ‘You look good’ or ‘You look refreshed’.” That is exactly what Donna heard from friends and family, and more importantly, she was happy with the results. She puts a lot of emphasis on having a good doctor to obtain any desired results. “I can bring information or my own research and I know Dr. Davila will give me the real scoop on the product or treatment.”

Three of Donna’s friends have taken her advice to have Ultherapy. She says, “At 63, it’s about confidence and feeling good. I don’t do it for anyone else, I do it for myself.” We asked her if she would like to add anything. Her reply: “Some people say Disney is the happiest place on earth, for me, it is Esana.”

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