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Over the past decade there have been a number of technologies in the aesthetic field that aim to lift, tighten, resurface the face with variable results and some with more recovery time than others.  The old way of thinking that recovery time is tied to the intensity of the treatment is shattered by the technology in Ultherapy: The Ultrasound waves enter the surface of the skin without causing any damage and these are focused so that at a certain depth (typically 3.0 and 4.5 millimeters) tiny points of controlled heat will tighten collagen fibers and signal the body to begin a repair process that yields a firmer, tighter skin.


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Is CoolSculpting Too Good to Be True?

Not if you saw what we saw. It sounds too magical, right?  Get rid of your stubborn exercise-resistant pockets of fat underneath your skin. No downtime. No incisions. How is that possible?

Through research at Harvard, scientists discovered that if fat is exposed to cold temperatures, the adipocytes, or fat cells, will slowly commit suicide and check themselves out, being eliminated by your body naturally.
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Invest Now, or Pay Later

Many of our first time clients wonder whether they can justify the costs of aesthetic services, and our reply simply is, you cannot justify waiting. In many circumstances in life, waiting does not harm you. But when it comes to fighting the signs of aging, waiting does hurt you. If you start maintaining your skin early, it will take you much further into your future years looking great and younger than your stated age. The later you start, the more you will invest with less improvement.Continue Reading Invest Now, or Pay Later

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What Now, Brown Cow?

So as we age, what should we start to think about doing when it comes to our faces? There is so much marketing out there that it is hard to determine what is real, and what is snake oil. So let’s cut through the mess and get to what really works by each decade of your life.

20’s: In our twenties, skin starts to slow down its renewal process and things like dryness and lines can start to form. Earlier damage from sun exposure can also surface with increased freckling and blotchy pigmentation. In this decade it is important to make sure your skin product regimen is correctly tailored for your skin. Retin-A based products (such as our Esana Essential) would be important to stop small lines from forming and to maintain collagen production. Sun avoidance is also necessary to prevent looking like a dried leather bag in the future. For some women, early forehead or frown lines may need Botox treatment to reverse and prevent them from etching the skin.Continue Reading What Now, Brown Cow?

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