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Monthly Archives: August 2014

ESANA wins Best Medspa in Connecticut Magazine’s 2014 Best of Connecticut Poll

bestofctESANA has won Best Medspa in Connecticut Magazine’s 2014 Best of Connecticut Poll! Thank you for your support! Read more

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Can’t Lose the Love Handles? Three Options for Men

BA-Male-LoveHandle-001For most men, those last 15 or so pounds around the waist are the hardest to loose. While women store extra fat around the hips, buttocks, and thighs, men often develop annoying “love handles” that remain, even with regular workouts at the gym. Following are three options, from most invasive to least. Read more

Avoiding Risky Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures

resourcesAre you one of more than 9 million women a year in the U.S. who are contemplating cosmetic procedures? Serious surgeries like liposuction, breast surgery, and body contouring require the same meticulous surgical skills you would expect from a heart surgeon or the doctor who is setting a compound fracture. Even less complex procedures like laser hair removal or chemical peels require skilled and highly trained staff. Yet, many states allow any medical doctor to perform or supervise cosmetic procedures. Unfortunately, this lax area of legislation has led to unqualified doctors performing plastic surgery procedures with disastrous results. Read more

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Microdermabrasion: Tackling Flaws at the Surface Level

Celebrating a special night out or attending an important work event? One or two microdermabrasion sessions will leave your skin refreshed and healthy—without resorting to more time-intensive and invasive procedures like chemical peels or laser treatments. Read more

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Taking Care of the Largest Organ in the Body—Your Skin

1 - Skin_Care_Consultation_HeaderThe complex task of taking care of the largest organ in the body—the skin—can break down into two simple rules:

1. Protect during the day
2. Repair and regenerate at night
Read more

Before You Undergo Plastic Surgery: The 6 Indispensible Steps

You are ready to make a change in how you look and have worked through the emotional issues involved with a major change in your appearance. Ready to schedule the surgery? Not yet! The following six steps are critical before you undergo a plastic surgery procedure.
Read more

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Young Face, Old Hands

iStock_000027690871SmallMost of us focus on our face and body for procedures to stay youthful, but as the saying goes, the hands always give away our true age. As we get older, the skin on our hands thins, causing veins to become more prominent and liver spots to appear. Since we can’t use make-up to disguise these signs of aging as we do on the face, it isn’t surprising that the latest cosmetic trend is anti-aging hand procedures. Read more

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