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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Unexpected Death at a Surgical Center: Was Joan Rivers at Risk?

surgicalcenterIt’s still shocking for her many fans and even her detractors that Joan River’s acerbic wit will not be heard live again. The famous comedienne died unexpectedly from complications during a simple endoscopy procedure to evaluate her vocal cords because of a raspy voice. Her procedure was done at Yorkville Endoscopy, an accredited New York City surgical center that is now under investigation by the New York State Health Department. Read more

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Brachioplasty: Goodbye Bat Wings!

Unwanted handleMichelle Obama’s willingness to break with tradition and bare her toned and muscled upper arms even at formal events has put a new national focus on this often troublesome part of the  body. As we age, fat pockets often settle here, while skin loses its elasticity and tends to sag. The resulting “bat wings” can be embarrassing and may limit the clothes many women choose to wear. Read more

The Real Cost: An Anti-Smoking Campaign for Teens that Speaks Their Language

Two sad young girls smokeWe all know about the risks of cigarette smoking, from premature death—years of smoking shave about 10 years off your life—to a greater risk for a wide range of diseases. But did you know that most people who die from smoking-related causes started smoking before the age of 18? Read more

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Antioxidants, the Key to Repair Sun Damage!

iStock_000005478108SmallSummer is nearly over. While you may have a lovely tan, your skin may also feel dry, rough, with uneven color if you were in the sun without adequate protection. It is now time to start a nurturing skin regime that replenishes your antioxidants and helps to repair sun damage. Read more

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