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Yearly Archives: 2017

What Is the Best Fat-Reducing Treatment of the Year?

CoolSculpting-Before-and-AfterAre you one of 51% of all women who have the goal of losing excess fat this year? You have dieted, exercised, and yet you have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to remove. If you are ready for a non-invasive procedure that eliminates fat without surgery, consider CoolSculpting, named NewBeauty Magazine’s “Best Fat-Reducing Treatment” for the second year in a row in the magazine’s annual Beauty Choice Award edition.Continue Reading What Is the Best Fat-Reducing Treatment of the Year?

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ESANA’s Guilford Location is an Exciting New Option

As ESANA Plastic Surgery and MedSpa prepares to expand with the opening of a Guilford location, Dr. Pan and Dr. Davila reflect on what makes ESANA different and successful. Dr. Davila shared, “very few medspas are run by two fully trained and board-certified plastic surgeons. Furthermore, Dr. Pan and I share ethical views and a focus on quality that make our partnership strong.” Dr. Pan added, “We are confident in each other’s abilities and have our own niche specialties that allow us to always provide the best options for our patients.”

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CoolSculpting vs. the Tummy Tuck

You diet, you walk, you run – you may even do nightly crunches, but stubborn belly fat often seems impossible to reduce. “People find they lose subcutaneous fat more easily in the upper body, while belly fat remains,” says Dr. Davila, “a problem that only worsens through your 30’s, 40’s and beyond despite maintaining the same level of physical activity and dietary habits.”

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How to use our website as your educational tool!

This month, we are thankful once again to be voted as “Best Medspa in CT” by Connecticut Magazine! What we believe makes ESANA different is not only our full range of services, but also the expertise and involvement of our two board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Deborah Pan and Dr. Javier Davila.

Are you aware that we have over 80 blogs on our website that is chock full of information on all of our surgical and nonsurgical options? By taking some time and reading our blogs on topics that may be of interest, you will learn that our doctors take patient education very seriously. (tip: You may want to forward this email to a friend who is doing their own research but hasn’t been introduced to our practice yet!)

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A Patient’s Testimonial for Ultherapy

Donna is a patient at Esana MedSpa. She learned about Esana when her favorite Esthetician, Vickie, joined our team. Donna says, “When I found out Vickie was going to Esana, I knew I was too!” As Donna began to see signs of aging, she knew who to ask for advice.

Donna met Dr. Davila who she describes as “a great educator who is subtle in his approach and wants patients to make their own decision after being armed with information.”

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Day Spas vs. MedSpas: What’s the Big Difference?

Everyone likes a day at the spa. Being named ESANA Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we have heard the question ‘”What is a medspa?” more than once.

A medspa (or medical spa) is a facility with the capability of performing medical grade aesthetic treatments under the direction of a doctor, or in our case, two board certified plastic surgeons. Although both spas and medspas can be a relaxing experience, many people choose medspas because they provide treatments targeted to specific issues or concerns. Popular skin services at ESANA Medspa, that you won’t find in a regular spa, include microneedling, medical facials, and advanced peels or microdermabrasion. Body treatments include laser hair removal, CoolSculpting and Ultherapy.

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ESANA’s Five Most Common Procedures for Men

Over the past couple of decades the search for improvement in appearance and preservation of a youthful appearance has shifted from a purely female dominated quest to one that includes men in increasing numbers. Following are the five most commonly sought-after procedures in our practice.

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Bodies After Babies

Becoming a mother is one of life’s great joys. However, many women find that returning to their pre-pregnancy shape or appearance is very difficult if not impossible. A healthy lifestyle including exercise will work for some, but what can be done when that plan falls through? In this month’s blog, we will discuss common physical changes women experience after giving birth and how ESANA can help women regain their confidence and physical abilities.

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Do It for You: Surgery When your World Turns Upside Down

Meghan was a very active mom with a very busy house. She loved exercise—from tumbling with her two toddlers to running the occasional 5K. Her world was turned upside down, however, when she had her twins in September 2013 at age 33. “I had four babies in three years, the last a set of twins 14 months after my last child—this time with a C-section,” says Meghan.

While the twins weren’t planned, she and her husband were happy to welcome them into the family, but her body showed the strain of not only having twins, but having four children so close together. When she had the twins, her two other children were ages three and one.

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Is There an Ideal Body?

Nothing like paging through a fashion or woman’s magazine to feel depressed or dissatisfied with one’s own body size and look. According to the hundreds of images that we see daily on social media, TV, and ads, the “ideal” woman for 2017 is thin, with obvious muscles, full breasts, and a prominent “booty.” There are now some shifts to the more athletic body type that is slowly infiltrating media sources. Intellectually, we know that these proportions are nearly impossible to find in real life–and that most female images have been altered to remove every flaw, bump, and wrinkle, while muscle definition and more generous curves are also just a key stroke away.

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