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Monthly Archives: November 2020


ESANA is excited to announce the release of two new cutting-edge treatments that will transform your body and face: Evoke & Evolve by InMode technologies. Dr. Pan shared, “We are introducing these technologies to support our younger patient population seeking more aggressive preventative measures to fight the signs of aging and menopause with little or no discomfort.”

As one of the few plastic surgery groups in the area offering this innovative new technology, clients gain exclusive access to these simple non-invasive procedures that will have you feeling more confident in your body than ever before, pain free.

The Evoke platform concentrates on streamlining the appearance of your cheeks and upper neck. If you’re experiencing the early signs of jowls or have loose skin or small pockets of fat on your neck, Evoke is an ideal solution. This easy facial remodeling procedure will not only enhance your natural features, but also create beautiful definition along your neck, jawline, and face.

The Evolve platform allows you to tone and tighten those exercise resistant spots on abs, legs, buttocks, back, flanks, and arms – some procedures can even target multiple areas at one time. Evolve offers three unique treatment options that reduce the signs of aging in all problem areas, no surgery required:

  • EvolveTITE revitalizes and tightens loose skin
  • EvolveTRIM reduces cellulite appearance
  • EvolveTONE enhances muscle strength and definition for a younger looking you

It’s the trifecta!

All the procedures are customized and performed with state-of-the-art medical devices that emit safe, clinically tested radio frequencies deep into your skin to rejuvenate and sculpt. The warm sensation you feel during treatment is relaxing and incredibly efficient. So efficient in fact, that you can pop in during your lunch break for each treatment!

Give us a call today at (203) 562-7662 and we will work together to craft your custom treatment plan for a new you!

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