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Advice from Dr. Deborah Pan: She shares her challenges as a new mom of TWINS!

Lauren and Grant

As a new mother of boy girl twins Grant and Lauren, time management and looking great are the biggest challenges.  Juggling a busy plastic surgery practice and taking care of two babies definitely is a challenge, but not one that has to leave you looking like you stepped out from under a freight train. It’s about streamlining your routine, and getting more efficient and doing at least the bare minimum to keep you looking reasonably presentable in the most straightforward way possible. Here are a few of my favorite time saving measures.

#1: Streamline your anti-aging beauty regimen. I use our Esana Essential which combines three steps into one at night. Retin-A, vitamins C and E for antioxidant protection, and a brightening agent that guards against pigmentation. Once and done and just follow with a moisturizer!

Tip #2: On advice of my fantastic hairdresser, Nicole: I got a body wave to add volume to my straight hair. I no longer have to shower and style every day and second day hair now has body to wear up or down and still look professional. And dry shampoo is a girls’ best friend…for our curly haired friends, a straightener may lessen your routine if that’s how you choose to wear your style. Moroccan Oil dry shampoo also has a tinted version for dark hair so no ghostly white powder residue.

Tip #3: Try to apply some form of eye makeup. That always pulls things together even if you cannot get foundation on. Having eyes that are defined will always detract from even the most tired faces and make you look like you got (some) sleep. Even if it’s just eyeliner or a quick swipe of mascara, it makes a big difference. My favorite brands? Artliner by Lancôme and It’s So Big mascara from Amazon.

Here’s a link to other helpful tips to try and keep it all together, busy moms or busy women in general…have fun and stay beautiful!



Photo courtesy of Robert Norman Photography

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