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Back off, acne scars! Meet Dermapen.

iStock_000026728473SmallThose who suffered with teenage or young adult acne often take mental as well as physical scars into adulthood. While the emotional scars from embarrassment and social isolation can fade, the physical scarring may remain long after the last angry eruption. The new Dermapen procedure offers an easy, cost effective solution that has produced amazing results in reducing acne scars.

After our aestheticians apply numbing cream to the face, the mechanical device uses surgical steel micro-needles about 1.5mm in length that move in and out of the skin at a rate of about 1000 times per second. This process is vast improvement over the Dermaroller which required rolling the needles up and down the affected area. The earlier process was more painful and left a reddened area that took longer to heal.

The new Dermapen offers many benefits beyond a decrease in pain and downtime. The needle head is disposable, the procedure is easier on difficult areas like the upper lip and nose, and the reduction of scarring is more substantial. Even one treatment with the Dermapen can fade some scars, a major benefit to patients with limited budgets. Many people choose to have about three sessions, spaced three to six weeks apart for maximum scar reduction. The results? The daily reminder of a painful time of life can fade into the background, while the smoother, less bumpy skin we remember before the painful assault of acne finally emerges.

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