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Skin Deep : The Esana Beauty Blog

Bodies After Babies

Becoming a mother is one of life’s great joys. However, many women find that returning to their pre-pregnancy shape or appearance is very difficult if not impossible. A healthy lifestyle including exercise will work for some, but what can be done when that plan falls through? In this month’s blog, we will discuss common physical changes women experience after giving birth and how ESANA can help women regain their confidence and physical abilities.

Facial Changes

After pregnancy, many women experience changes in their skin: melasma, hormonal acne, facial spider veins, and flaky/dry skin are the most common. While some of these may fade over time, there are options for treating them in the short term or if they become persistent.

Melasma can be caused by several factors including UV exposure, genetics, and hormone levels. This discoloration of the skin is normally not a health risk but can affect your appearance long-term. During a consultation, one of ESANA’s doctors will recommend a skin care routine and options for facials, peels, or other treatments for your discoloration.

Hormonal acne, facial spider veins, and flaky or dry skin can also be treated through our aesthetician and medspa services. Meeting with one of ESANA’s aestheticians is a great way to develop a new skin care regimen that is individually tailored.

Breast Changes

One of the most beautiful experiences for a new mother is being able to nurse her child. The process of breastfeeding is a complicated and hormonally powerful one. Your breasts experience many changes during and after the production of milk. Breasts, of course, become larger during pregnancy then reduce in size after feeding, sometimes smaller than their pre-pregnancy size.

When breasts reduce in size, women can experience sagging. Size and shape are the two most common breast concerns for mothers. Both size and shape can be corrected by the common procedures of breast augmentation and/or a breast lift.

It is important to speak freely during your complimentary consultation and choose a surgeon with experience in breast reconstruction after pregnancy.

Body Changes

During pregnancy and birth, your body deals with a lot of stress, particularly your abdomen. New moms always want to return to their pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible after giving birth. Many times, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, it is almost impossible: particularly, if a woman experiences diastasis recti, or abdominal separation. This condition makes it very difficult to resume a healthy exercise routine.

Whether due to abdominal separation or not, after speaking with a qualified surgeon, many woman choose body contouring procedures or surgeries. CoolSculpting is perfect for those who want or need no downtime. Liposuction, tummy tucks, or a combination of the two are good solutions for those seeking more dramatic results. Specifically, tummy tucks are beneficial for removing excess skin which no diet or exercise can touch.

Regardless of what treatments are sought or preformed, a healthy lifestyle is paramount to returning to pre-pregnancy weight and body shape.

The Mommy Makeover

A growing number of women are choosing to address multiple concerns about their post-pregnancy bodies at once. The term ‘mommy makeover’ most commonly refers to the combination of breast and abdominal surgeries. For many women, the results are dramatic and life changing. Women regain their confidence, ability to live a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy family activities.

The benefits that attract women to this type of care plan are the almost immediate results, not having to return to the surgeon later in life, and the financial incentive of bundling procedures.

ESANA’s own Dr. Pan is the mother of twins and understand the changes that a body endures during pregnancy and birth. She remarks, “The mommy makeover often has more benefits than just the aesthetic improvement. We have seen many women remark how it helps them exercise better, alleviate chronic back pain, and help with GI issues, such as constipation.”

It may seem unfair that some women bounce right back from pregnancy and others feel their body has been ravaged by the process. However, most would agree the joy of having children is worth it. Luckily, there are options for every woman to reverse some of the less desirable effects of the child bearing process.

At ESANA, we believe in educated and empowered patients. The first step to change is meeting with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons who will listen to your concerns and help develop a plan that works for you. Child birth is a challenge mentally and physically, you deserve to regain anything you feel you have lost in the process. As the phrase goes: “When mom is happy, everyone is happy.”


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