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Breast Reduction in Men:  A Life Changing Solution

male chestDo you know a man who is uncomfortable removing his shirt in public, avoids most sports and even physical intimacy because of over-developed or enlarged breasts (also called gynecomastia)? A consultation with a plastic surgeon may be the first step to a life changing solution.

Hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, or the use of certain drugs can all result in excess localized breast fat, glandular tissue development, or excess breast skin in men. All of these conditions can easily be treated with liposuction and excision.

In less severe cases, the surgeon may use liposuction and a minor excision for excess fatty or breast tissue. This procedure is less costly since it can be done under a local anesthetic in the office.

When there is glandular breast tissue or excess skin or if the areola or nipple must be reduced or repositioned to a more natural male contour, a surgeon can choose from a variety of excision techniques that would require anesthesia at a surgical center.

With an experienced, board-certified surgeon, gynecomastia can be effectively and safely improved or completely corrected. As a result of the surgery or liposuction, most men experience a major boost in self confidence—in the gym, at the beach, and even in the bedroom.

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