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Breast reduction, then implants: Stacy’s story

Stacy, a woman in her forties, was unhappy with her breast size and shape. During her regular workout routine, she would constantly say to herself, “Breasts, stay put!”, but her breasts had other ideas. She saw herself as a “sloppy 36/38C” and sought to get them tightened up. A surgeon in Fairfield County provided a solution, and in 2006 she underwent a breast reduction and lift. He had warned her that in ten or so years she might want implants to counteract the effects of age and gravity.

Fast forward to 2018, and Stacy sought a plastic surgeon to remove a benign growth on her daughter’s leg. While Drs. Pan and Davila did the procedure, she quickly discovered how much she trusted and loved these physicians. She came back to Esana to take advantage of a lip filler special with Esana’s physician assistant, Gabrielle Pino. Afterwards, she decided she was going to tackle her body’s imperfections and have the team at Esana do the work. She decided it was time to address her breast deflation after breast reduction over ten years ago.

During her consultation, Dr. Pan explained how she was going to place the implants over her chest muscles, thereby increasing fullness in the upper half of her breasts, where the obvious deflation had occurred. Dr. Pan had asked her to avoid ibuprofen and alcohol before surgery and to optimize her diet, which Stacy followed. She also asked Dr. Pan to do some additional procedures during her breast implant surgery, requiring her to be under anesthesia a while longer. Once Stacy was in the recovery room, she quickly exclaimed, “Zero pain!!!” She took no pain relievers and was back for a follow up appointment three days later. Once Dr. Pan and Gabby took off her bandages, everyone exclaimed, “Oh my goodness!! They are GREAT!”
Stacy loves not having to wear a push-up bra to add volume in her upper chest area, which was now a perfect 34-D. Her husband commented that it was a shame she even had to wear a shirt because her profile was just gorgeous and yet natural. She agreed.

Stacy cannot say enough about the quality of Dr. Pan surgical skill and judgment, as well as her wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Pan went beyond the original request of breast implants, correcting some past surgical scars and finding a general surgeon to take care of an abdominal hernia, all while Stacy was having the surgery for the implants. Stacy knows that if she has any future need for plastic surgery, she has found her surgeon for life. She encourages everyone to do their research, find whom they trust and with whom they are comfortable, and have an honest dialogue regarding all of their goals and expectations. This relationship between doctor and patient is what helped her get such a positive outcome. It is also why Stacy wants to tell the world, “Dr. Pan is amazing, and so is my new figure, which I will soon be showing off in a bathing suit!”

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