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Category Archives: Breast Augmentation

Breast reduction, then implants: Stacy’s story

Stacy, a woman in her forties, was unhappy with her breast size and shape. During her regular workout routine, she would constantly say to herself, “Breasts, stay put!”, but her breasts had other ideas. She saw herself as a “sloppy 36/38C” and sought to get them tightened up. A surgeon in Fairfield County provided a solution, and in 2006 she underwent a breast reduction and lift. He had warned her that in ten or so years she might want implants to counteract the effects of age and gravity.

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Do It for You: Surgery When your World Turns Upside Down

Meghan was a very active mom with a very busy house. She loved exercise—from tumbling with her two toddlers to running the occasional 5K. Her world was turned upside down, however, when she had her twins in September 2013 at age 33. “I had four babies in three years, the last a set of twins 14 months after my last child—this time with a C-section,” says Meghan.

While the twins weren’t planned, she and her husband were happy to welcome them into the family, but her body showed the strain of not only having twins, but having four children so close together. When she had the twins, her two other children were ages three and one.

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Searching for a ‘Mommy Makeover?’

One of the hottest trending search terms in plastic surgery these days is the “mommy makeover.”  Although probably a misleading term (we prefer pre-pregnancy restoration), this refers to one or more plastic surgery procedures that restore women’s post-pregnancy bodies, usually of the breast and/or abdomen.  These procedures include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, as well as liposuction, mini-tummy tuck, or a full tummy tuck (otherwise known as abdominoplasty).Continue Reading Searching for a ‘Mommy Makeover?’

5 Plastic Surgery Procedures that grow in popularity

injectablesIf you don’t recognize the person in the mirror anymore, here are the top 5 plastic surgery procedures millions of people just like you choose to look great and feel better about themselves:Continue Reading 5 Plastic Surgery Procedures that grow in popularity

Smaller incisions make happier breast implant patients

Keller funnel imageHave you been seriously considering breast implants? Did you know that you not only have a choice of the type of implant you prefer (silicone or saline), but your plastic surgeon also has a choice between the traditional implant delivery method of using their fingers for insertion or a NEWER technique using the Keller Funnel 2, a device that gently slips a silicone implant into place? This allows the surgeon to place the implant gently and with very little force, and with a much smaller incision (about half the size of a traditional scar).Continue Reading Smaller incisions make happier breast implant patients

Which Breast Implant Is Best for You?

breast implantsYou have made the decision to have breast augmentation with implants. Now you face another major choice—which type of implant is best for you?  “It is all dependent on how much tissue you are starting with,” says Dr. Deborah Pan, one of Esana’s award winning board-certified breast surgery specialists. Which type of implant does she prefer? “I use them all,” she explains.  Dr. Pan works closely with her patients to explain the pros and cons of all three types so that each patient derives maximum benefit, comfort, and satisfaction.Continue Reading Which Breast Implant Is Best for You?