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Preventing and Smoothing Crows Feet, the First Signs of Aging

crowfeetThe first signs of aging often begin with crows feet or “smile lines” around the eyes. As we get older, this delicate skin is especially vulnerable to wrinkling since we repeatedly compress the skin as we smile, laugh, frown, or squint. As early as the mid 20’s, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, and these delicate lines become more permanently etched around our eyes. Read more

Let the Festivities Begin! 10 Procedures to Brighten Your Holiday Season

4 - Dermaplaning_HeaderAs holiday decorations transition from Halloween to Christmas and Hanukah, we realize that the holiday season is just around the corner. If you want to look your best for work and social events or special photographs, here is a list of procedures that can bring out your holiday glow. Read more

Back off, acne scars! Meet Dermapen.

iStock_000026728473SmallThose who suffered with teenage or young adult acne often take mental as well as physical scars into adulthood. While the emotional scars from embarrassment and social isolation can fade, the physical scarring may remain long after the last angry eruption. The new Dermapen procedure offers an easy, cost effective solution that has produced amazing results in reducing acne scars. Read more

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Want finer textured skin? Check.

Want to shrink your pores? Check.

Want to reduce blotchy pigmentation from sun or acne? Check.

Want to reduce the appears of small or acne scars? Check.

Want to reduce fine lines and keep your face glowing? Check.
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