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Celebrating 15 Years of Transforming Lives with Dr. Pan & Dr. Davila

Anniversaries are always special milestones. After 2020, we feel especially thankful to celebrate 15 years of Esana Plastic Surgery Center & Medspa this year with our valued clients, partners, and community.

Today, our excitement and passion for plastic surgery are as steadfast as day one. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we want to share some insight into our practice and the future of Esana!

“Our unique field merges art and science through the use of intricate surgical skills to create remarkable transformations. And blending cutting edge technology keeps our specialty filled with excitement for the future..”
– Dr. Deborah Pan

The Foundation: Pillars of Our Business Longevity
At Esana, we are always striving for improvement. Our foundation is built on a few principles that build our practice to what it is today. These core values are the reason why 15 years later, we’re at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.

Any successful career, in plastic surgery or otherwise, is built on listening and learning. From the formative medical school years, through six years of residency training at Yale, to interacting with patients daily, we are life-long learners who use these opportunities to be our best.

“I feel that as much as my patients learn from me, the converse is true.
There are many different things that drive patients to a plastic surgeon’s office and understanding their goals and motivations is essential to a positive, long-term doctor-patient relationship.”
– Dr. Javier Davila

We spent years undergoing rigorous training to refine our skills as plastic surgeons. We use that knowledge and expertise to advise and educate our patients about the best options to reach their desired results. We disclose potential risks and benefits, provide solutions for their concerns, and share what we can offer to transform their lives. Teaching is one of the most important factors in a healthy patient-surgeon relationship. Education is power, and we aim to empower our patients daily!

It’s our goal to use our expertise, education, and years of hands-on experience to advise our clients on the best options to improve their lives. A great deal of what we do is elective; they don’t have to choose us, but since we place value on building trusting relationships with full transparency and the patient’s well-being at the forefront, we can sustain long-term relationships that are highly rewarding for all parties.

Beauty inspires confidence, heightened self-esteem, and happiness. Our goal is to make every patient feel beautiful, merging their external appearance to coincide with how they feel on the inside. Seeing the joy of a satisfied patient reminds us why we do what we do every single day.

The Memories: A Rewarding Adventure

Fifteen years ago, we realized the need for higher-end aesthetic care was not being met in the New Haven area. And what better way to start a practice than by joining forces with an old friend and colleague? Dr. Pan originated the business concept and Dr. Davila said yes. Fifteen years later it still feels like it was the right decision for everyone!

By owning our practice, we can build exactly what we want to meet the needs of the community with shared values of excellent care, safe surgery, and natural results. Our practice has been able to maintain an atmosphere that is highly focused on our patients from day one—and for that, we are eternally grateful. We also cannot do it without our incredible team of dedicated staff who contribute to every client’s experience.

The Future: Where We Are Going, Together.

With technology transforming the world, especially in the medical space, there will be more options than ever before for cosmetic procedures. As we strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our community, we look forward to introducing new, well-researched options for non-invasive age management and body contouring. Surgery will always be a mainstay, but those who are hesitant about surgery or want natural results with less downtime will have more options than ever—and we can’t wait to bring those technologies to our practice!

Thank you for 15 wonderful years. Here’s to the future and exciting new options!

– Dr. Pan, Dr. Davila, and the entire Esana team

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Choosing your plastic surgeon

Everyone would like to know that they are choosing the BEST doctor, no matter the specialty. However, when you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Connecticut, there are a couple great places to begin your research.

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ESANA’s Guilford Location is an Exciting New Option

As ESANA Plastic Surgery and MedSpa prepares to expand with the opening of a Guilford location, Dr. Pan and Dr. Davila reflect on what makes ESANA different and successful. Dr. Davila shared, “very few medspas are run by two fully trained and board-certified plastic surgeons. Furthermore, Dr. Pan and I share ethical views and a focus on quality that make our partnership strong.” Dr. Pan added, “We are confident in each other’s abilities and have our own niche specialties that allow us to always provide the best options for our patients.”

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How to use our website as your educational tool!

This month, we are thankful once again to be voted as “Best Medspa in CT” by Connecticut Magazine! What we believe makes ESANA different is not only our full range of services, but also the expertise and involvement of our two board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Deborah Pan and Dr. Javier Davila.

Are you aware that we have over 80 blogs on our website that is chock full of information on all of our surgical and nonsurgical options? By taking some time and reading our blogs on topics that may be of interest, you will learn that our doctors take patient education very seriously. (tip: You may want to forward this email to a friend who is doing their own research but hasn’t been introduced to our practice yet!)

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Day Spas vs. MedSpas: What’s the Big Difference?

Everyone likes a day at the spa. Being named ESANA Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, we have heard the question ‘”What is a medspa?” more than once.

A medspa (or medical spa) is a facility with the capability of performing medical grade aesthetic treatments under the direction of a doctor, or in our case, two board certified plastic surgeons. Although both spas and medspas can be a relaxing experience, many people choose medspas because they provide treatments targeted to specific issues or concerns. Popular skin services at ESANA Medspa, that you won’t find in a regular spa, include microneedling, medical facials, and advanced peels or microdermabrasion. Body treatments include laser hair removal, CoolSculpting and Ultherapy.

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Bodies After Babies

Becoming a mother is one of life’s great joys. However, many women find that returning to their pre-pregnancy shape or appearance is very difficult if not impossible. A healthy lifestyle including exercise will work for some, but what can be done when that plan falls through? In this month’s blog, we will discuss common physical changes women experience after giving birth and how ESANA can help women regain their confidence and physical abilities.

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Do It for You: Surgery When your World Turns Upside Down

Meghan was a very active mom with a very busy house. She loved exercise—from tumbling with her two toddlers to running the occasional 5K. Her world was turned upside down, however, when she had her twins in September 2013 at age 33. “I had four babies in three years, the last a set of twins 14 months after my last child—this time with a C-section,” says Meghan.

While the twins weren’t planned, she and her husband were happy to welcome them into the family, but her body showed the strain of not only having twins, but having four children so close together. When she had the twins, her two other children were ages three and one.

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Support Our Holiday Food Drive. Donate Today!

ESANA is a participating sponsor in the Billings & Barrett Holiday Food Drive which is benefiting the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen in New Haven, CT. You can contribute food donations into our donation box upon visiting our office, or contribute a monetary donation by visiting this link.

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The Hollywood Standard of Beauty

Hollywood has always set the standard for both feminine and masculine beauty since the dawn of the movie era. Actors made insecure by close-ups and unrealistic demands of physical perfection all have personal beauty secrets, from special cosmetics to diets, exercise programs, and plastic surgery procedures that help them to retain the youthful good looks they rely on to stay in the public eye—and employed.

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Going With Your Heart and Gut: ESANA Surgeons Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary

For the last 10 years, patients of all ages, referred by friends, neighbors, and relatives, have made New Haven’s ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and Medspa a resounding success. The practice is led by surgeons Dr. Deborah Pan and Dr. Javier Davila, friends who met during their surgical training 19 years ago. Together, they have built a practice that offers the full panoply of cosmetic services in an environment that reflects their personal vision—making the patient comfortable from the second they walk in the door, effective communication with patients so their goals and desires are truly met, then achieving results that bring patients back, often at every stage of life.

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