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This powerful deep chemical peel from Esana MedSpa is the fastest way to see radical new skin

As summer eases into cooler months, it’s an excellent time to think about reevaluating your skincare routine. Aging and spending time in the sun naturally create lines and skin blemishes that are not effectively addressed with simple creams or even widely advertised treatments such as Botox. Deep chemical peels are the cosmetic industry’s best-kept secret and may hold the key to younger, healthier looking skin at any age. Performed by trusted plastic surgeon Dr. Deborah Pan, the Esana deep chemical peel offered by New Haven’s Esana MedSpa is one of the most effective treatments available.

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5 Treatments That Heal Summer Sun Damage

If you spent your days feeling the sand beneath your toes and the warm sunshiny rays on your face all summer long, you’re probably feeling great. But your skin may not be! You see, elements like sun, heat, sand, chlorine, salt water, etc., can actually cause your skin to withhold an additional layer of dead skin as a method of protection which leads to a dull appearance. Plus, they just generally irritate and dehydrate your skin.

So, how do you prep to enter a new season looking as refreshed as you feel? Rejuvenating skin treatments!
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3 Benefits of Including Hydrating Serums in Your Daily Skincare Routine

If you’ve ever looked at someone with that perfect dewy look and wondered to yourself, “How did they get their skin to look like that,” one of the answers is likely hydrating serums. There’s a common misconception that hydrating serums create oily skin due to the nature of their
composition. That’s simply not true! Leveraging high-quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid, serums are a fast-acting way to provide your skin with much-needed nourishment and protection. Today, we’re going to uncover just a few benefits (and share some of our favorites
you can start using today!).

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Restore Vitality and Luminosity to your Skin with a Powerful Emepelle Skincare Duo

As the body’s estrogen levels decline with age, it directly impacts collagen levels which accelerates aging. Many women don’t realize how important estrogen is to the elasticity, thickness, and moisture levels in their skin! No amount of sunscreen in the world can negate these natural aging cycles. But our team is excited to announce that we’ve found a solution that counteracts this natural aging process so you can redefine how your skin ages. Emepelle skincare line by Biopelle is the first and only product line of its kind. It harnesses the restorative benefits of patented MEP Technology to smooth, hydrate, and restore estrogen-deficient skin!

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Top Ways to Enhance Your Springtime Glow with Esana

Spring is on its way! Are you taking a step back to relax and enjoying some well-deserved self-care? Pampering and protecting your body’s greatest asset—your skin!

There are two specific ways our team loves to help enhance that Springtime glow, let’s dive in…

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Elevate Your Natural Beauty with Teoxane® Collection Fillers at ESANA

As we go through the motions of life we experience many emotions—joy, sadness, stress, relaxation, the list goes on. When experiencing those emotions, your facial features adapt to your mood, with millions of micro-movements you don’t even realize you’re making. While those moments are key to our expression and life experience, those repetitive movements, while ever so small, are what contribute to our lines and wrinkles as we age.

That’s why ESANA is so thrilled to be launching state-of-the-art adaptive fillers from the Teoxane® Collection. This exclusive collection of fillers is the only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid-based filler for treatment of the wrinkles and folds that form and shift during daily dynamic movements. So how is the Teoxane ® Collection different? Let’s take a look…

Clean Fillers Crafted for Natural, Long-Lasting, Personalized Results

While most want to feel and look younger, most don’t want to appear stiff or unnatural. You want to be able to express your emotions freely, while also looking and feeling like a younger version of yourself. That’s what we love about Teoxane ® Collection.

Utilizing a gentle and clean manufacturing process, the hyaluronic acid in the Teoxane ® Collection is formulated to match the natural composition of the hyaluronic acid already found in your skin. It is designed to mirror the movement and structure your body emulates, unlike any other filler. It’s a truly revolutionary advancement for natural filler technology. Part of the beauty of the Teoxane ® Collection is that there are three different formulas. Each formula is crafted to meet the needs of different individuals. No two faces are the same, so why should their filler treatment be?

You can rest assured that you’re receiving a treatment that will match the needs of your body. The best part? Results are immediate and last between 6 and 12 months depending on how quickly your body breaks it down.

Make Your Appointment for Teoxane® Collection Fillers at ESANA Today

Are you ready to elevate your natural beauty, while enjoying all the magical moments life has to offer—all without the stress of aging? ESANA Plastic Surgery Center & MedSpa is honored to be one of the few practices selected to administer this revolutionary filler due to our track record for exceptional patient results. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will consult with you to design an aesthetic treatment regimen utilizing the Teoxane ® Collection that will ensure you fulfill all your natural beauty goals. With rejuvenated features and refreshed confidence, you’ll be able to enjoy every little moment in life looking and feeling like your best self!

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VI Peels: March into Spring with Your Best Skin

Did you know that many Americans are self-conscious when it comes to their skin? If your confidence is being shaken by undesirable changes in your skin complexion, you’re not alone.

By now, you are probably familiar with chemical peel renewal treatments that work to exfoliate the skin and produce a healthier, rejuvenated, younger-appearing complexion. However, some chemical peels can be harsh and result in a lot of downtime. Luckily, not all peels are the same! We’re pleased to share VI Peels with our Esana patients!

This non-invasive treatment is virtually painless, requires no skin preconditioning and minimal downtime. They also have vitamins and minerals which nurture the skin while the skin is exfoliating. These peels are practical, affordable, and are one of the safest and most effective chemical peels for a range of skin types.

Whether you suffer from acne, melasma, wrinkles from sun damage or aging, rosacea, skin pigmentation issues, or other common skin concerns, VI Peels could be the secret weapon that will have you finally showing off your skin, rather than hiding it.


  • Restores a more even skin tone
  • Smooths away rough skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


  • Safe for all skin types
  • Medium-depth peel
  • Results within 7 days

The Magic of VI Peels for Facial Rejuvenation
If you’ve never had a chemical peel before, or if you’re a chemical peel aficionado looking to try a new, cutting-edge treatment option, VI Peels are one of the leading chemical peel treatment options for all ages.

The scientifically-engineered solution used for the VI Peel is made up of a distinctive blend of rich vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and salicylic acid, that is unlike any other chemical peel formula. Our skilled aestheticians will apply the solution directly to the skin to treat skin safely while removing layers of skin virtually pain-free. The ultimate goal of the treatment is to restore youthful tone and texture on your face, neck, and chest without the need for an invasive procedure.

Typically, treatments last only 30-minutes and there’s minimal to no downtime after the procedure. You will experience the common post-chemical peel side effects like skin peeling, but it’s similar to experiencing the aftermath of a sunburn. You’ll feel refreshed in just a few days with profound results that will restore not only your skin health but your confidence as well.

Ready to Let Yourself Shine? Schedule Your Skin Consultation at Esana Today!
Our VI Peel treatments are the ultimate secret weapon to restore visibly healthy, clear skin that will allow your confidence (and skin) to shine bright! Contact our office to schedule your skin consultation today, so we can work together to craft the best VI Peel treatment regimen for your specific skin goals.

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Hindsight is 2020! How will you face 2021?

Let’s be honest, 2020 is a year we’d all like to see in the rearview mirror! Good riddance!

With everything that has come from the pandemic—wearing masks and sacrificing our traditional beauty and self-care regimens—we’re all feeling and looking a little tired.

Fortunately, Esana is open for business and operating safely in cooperation with all CDC guidelines to keep our team and clients safe. We have all the solutions to reawaken your skin and body to start 2021 off in the right direction.

Some of our clients have shared their biggest skincare concerns that are holding them back from feeling like their best selves in the new year. Here are our team’s top tips to address the main skincare concerns we’re seeing, so you can put your best face forward as we kick off a new year…

If you’re struggling with maskne…

Our faces aren’t used to being under wraps for hours and days at a time! The unwanted maskne has been increasing during the pandemic with breakouts induced by responsible mask wearing.

Let’s set your skin free for clearer, happier skin with treatments including:

If you’re experiencing dry skin…

With the chill of the winter months comes lots of cozy fireside evenings and snowy scenes that bring us so much joy… but it also brings pesky dry skin problems. Sound familiar?

Let’s hydrate and lessen the flaky, itchy, dull skin with treatments including:

If you’re noticing the effects of aging…

With all the virtual sessions and lack of time for important self-care at home, have you been feeling like you’ve aged 20 years in 9 months? You’re not alone!

Let’s soften and blur those fine lines and wrinkles that result from squinting at screens, and firm up trouble spots with treatments like:

  • Evoke to remodel and tighten contours on the face and neck
  • Botox & Dermal Fillers to soften unwanted expression lines or replace lost volume
  • Fractora Skin Rejuvenation to even out complexion on a deeper level
    & More!

Ready to Leave 2020 Behind & Put on a New Face?

Are you ready to embrace the new year and put on a bright new face—literally and figuratively? With revitalized skin shining through and a sense of restored self-confidence, there will be nothing you can’t take on with enthusiasm and confidence in 2021.

Our Esana team is ready and waiting to listen to your skincare concerns and desires! After a consultation, our team will craft a personalized long-term skin treatment plan that combines the invigorating benefits from a regimen of treatments for renewed skin longevity. You’ll feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready to leave 2020 behind and start 2021 with a radiant new glow and a recharged attitude! Schedule your skin consultation today.

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Summertime help for your skin!

Are you looking for a way to improve the health of your skin throughout the summer months? One of the best, tried-and-true ways is with a microdermabrasion. Many people have never experienced one, even if they are frequent visitors to Esana.
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A New Year, A New You

What is your new year’s resolution? A new diet, more exercise, maybe a new job, or even a vacation long overdue? Or is this the year you finally fix the one body issue that concerns you most, from abdominal changes after pregnancy to stubborn frown lines that make you look like your mother—when she’s angry.

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