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Wonderful news from Esana!

We are honored once again to win best cosmetic surgeons, best medspa and best facials in three Connecticut polls!  With the help of our wonderful aestheticians, Vickie and Lisa, we are excited to highlight some of our great services in a Fall skincare event (more below).

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Wide Awake About Tired-Looking Eyes

Many people have concerns about a tired appearance around their eyes. Even when they are full of energy, they appear tired because of dark circles, hollow eye appearance, or sagging eyelids. These symptoms can be caused by various genetic and environmental factors. With advances in medicine, there are now treatments to address each of the issues that cause tired-looking eyes.Continue Reading Wide Awake About Tired-Looking Eyes

A New Year, A New You

What is your new year’s resolution? A new diet, more exercise, maybe a new job, or even a vacation long overdue? Or is this the year you finally fix the one body issue that concerns you most, from abdominal changes after pregnancy to stubborn frown lines that make you look like your mother—when she’s angry.

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Keeping Skin Glowing: the Five Basics

What says youthfulness more than smooth, glowing skin? Follow these five essential steps for a healthy, radiant look at all stages of life:

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Sound advice for your aging face


20’s: In our twenties, skin starts to slow down its renewal process and things like dryness and lines can start to form. Earlier damage from sun exposure can also surface with increased freckling and blotchy pigmentation. In this decade it is important to make sure your skin product regimen is correctly tailored for your skin. Retin-A based products (such as our Esana Essential) would be important to stop small lines from forming and to maintain collagen production. Sun avoidance is also necessary to prevent looking like a dried leather bag in the future. For some women, early forehead or frown lines may need Botox treatment to reverse and prevent them from etching the skin.Continue Reading Sound advice for your aging face

Optimum Skin Care in Winter Weather

Beautiful woman wearing winter clothesThe winter cold, less exposure to natural light, and dry, overheated rooms all bring special challenges to your skin care regimen. The ESANA Essential Signature Line offers all the products you need to retain a healthy radiance throughout the winter months.Continue Reading Optimum Skin Care in Winter Weather

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Retinoids: The Superstars of Skin Care Products

2 - Injectables_Dermal_Fillers_HeaderWhat single product can have a major impact on the look of your skin within weeks? The humble vitamin A derivatives called retinoids. Many forms of retinoids exist from the oral isotretinoin (Accutane) to tretinoin (Retin-A) to the weakest, retinol. These last two compounds are easily absorbed into the skin and have the ability to communicate effectively with skin cells to improve their function. Their antioxidant properties can interrupt the free-radical damage process that causes skin to look and act older.Continue Reading Retinoids: The Superstars of Skin Care Products

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8 Easy Steps to Avoid Common Chemicals Associated with Breast Cancer Risk

Composition with empty polycarbonate plastic bottles of mineralWe all know women who have fought breast cancer—it may be a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, daughter, or neighbor. Since one in eight woman will develop the disease over a lifetime, and nearly 40,000 women die from it yearly, it’s time to look closer at possible causes, while we continue to go for regular check ups and do self exams.Continue Reading 8 Easy Steps to Avoid Common Chemicals Associated with Breast Cancer Risk

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Antioxidants, the Key to Repair Sun Damage!

iStock_000005478108SmallSummer is nearly over. While you may have a lovely tan, your skin may also feel dry, rough, with uneven color if you were in the sun without adequate protection. It is now time to start a nurturing skin regime that replenishes your antioxidants and helps to repair sun damage.Continue Reading Antioxidants, the Key to Repair Sun Damage!

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