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Choosing your plastic surgeon

Everyone would like to know that they are choosing the BEST doctor, no matter the specialty. However, when you are looking for a plastic surgeon in Connecticut, there are a couple great places to begin your research.

First, you can do your research for plastic surgeons on this national website: https://www.certificationmatters.org/

This will give you certainty on who in the Connecticut area are accredited. Why does it matter whether he or she is accredited? Simply put, you want to be certain that your plastic surgeon is the best, most experienced in the field because you may be living with your results for years to come! You want to know that they meet the highest standard required to be certified AND that they are truly experts in their field.

Second, once you know who is certified, you should look to family/friends for their testimonials, as well as some popular review sites. These include Yelp.com, Healthgrades.com, Vitals.com and Wellness.com.

Lastly, you can print and bring this questionnaire with you if you are serious about having all important questions answered: https://www.americanboardcosmeticsurgery.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ABCS-surgeon-checklist-04.pdf

It all comes down to experience and trust. At Esana, we have two board-certified plastic surgeons who are well credentialed and reviewed. We encourage you to do your research, and please, let us know if you or a friend would like to learn more about a surgical or nonsurgical procedure. You can go to our website: esanamedspa.com for information about our physicians or about a particular procedure. Remember, this decision can last a lifetime of looking in a mirror and being happy with what you see!

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