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Is CoolSculpting Too Good to Be True?

Not if you saw what we saw. It sounds too magical, right?  Get rid of your stubborn exercise-resistant pockets of fat underneath your skin. No downtime. No incisions. How is that possible?

Through research at Harvard, scientists discovered that if fat is exposed to cold temperatures, the adipocytes, or fat cells, will slowly commit suicide and check themselves out, being eliminated by your body naturally.

CoolSculpting uses this knowledge and helps reduce fat in physician-evaluated appropriate places. Common areas are the abdomen, flanks or “love handles,” inner thighs, back, chest and hips.

Since the science behind it was soundly studied, we had to try this for ourselves. And sure enough, all of us who have tried it (myself included!) have seen meaningful reduction in fat while maintaining a constant weight. Once all of us saw results, we quickly decided that this technology had to be part of our offerings.

Each application takes one hour, during which you can read, sleep, or surf the Internet. Depending on how many areas are being targeted, our clients can spend as little as an hour or as long as six hours with us. After treatment, you do not need to avoid any activities, and you go right back to your usual routine. Most people experience some temporary soreness or temporary skin numbness afterwards, and these usually disappear in about two weeks.

For those with limited problem areas that are not bad enough to go under the knife, or if you are simply not wanting liposuction surgery, CoolSculpting is the perfect answer. This is the most revolutionary technology to come in the last ten years in the aesthetic field, and we are happy to have it available!

Be beautiful,
Deborah Pan, MD

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