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Does the scale have more weight than your mirror?

Do you put too much emphasis on one over the other? Your actual weight matters because your overall health can either benefit or suffer as a result of what the scale says. However, your emotional health has always mattered when looking at yourself in the mirror.

We at Esana try hard to not feed into the idea of obtaining “your perfect self”. We all have family and friends that have different body styles AND different reactions to them. Some can have less than perfect reflections in the mirror but have a very positive sense of well-being. Others can appear perfect in the mirror yet struggle daily with a positive sense of self.

Our patients come in all sizes, shapes and attitudes. Where we can be helpful is by offering you many options and insights into your particular issues. We are educated into the latest surgical and nonsurgical procedures that may help you achieve your goal for the years ahead.

We believe the best nonsurgical procedures for belly fat reduction is from CoolSculpting and Emsculpt. Surgical procedures include tummy tucks or liposuction. Understanding your goals and listening to your concerns will help our physicians best determine what procedure is most likely to help you achieve them. Asking the right questions during a consultation can help you decide if you are:

  1. Serious-enough to do the long term work necessary to maintain your weight goals far past your treatment date. We can give you the results you are looking for but you must maintain some diligence afterwards, or you can find yourself spending money today, but being dissatisfied after a year or two.
  2. Your goals are actually achievable. Is your “bar” too high? Knowing your BMI and your general activity level will help us determine what procedures will and won’t work for your particular body type. Many of our past patients have claimed that we have a magic wand, but it is actually skilled work on our part and diligence on your part. We are a team in creating and maintaining your look. Patients have come back for reasonable touch-ups when warranted, especially with CoolSculpting. It is a great addition to your already active lifestyle and can offer benefits for years to come.
  3. Looking for one or multiple areas of your body, and whether your budget is able to handle all of your goals. We can give you information regarding the treatments and their costs, such as Kybella for your neck/chin, and CoolSculpting for your love handles. You, then, can prioritize your goals so we can help you achieve all of them over time.

We look forward to meeting many new patients after the holidays when they are less active because of the cold outdoors, but want desperately to stay in shape or regain their summer weight. Winter is an excellent time to hit the restart button and focus on yourself. We look forward to discussing liposuction, tummy tucks, CoolSculptng, Emsculpt for your abdomen area, as well as options for your back, thighs, neck and upper arms. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will work with you in trying to give you the success you are after!

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