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Skin Deep : The Esana Beauty Blog

ESANA’s Five Most Common Procedures for Men

Over the past couple of decades the search for improvement in appearance and preservation of a youthful appearance has shifted from a purely female dominated quest to one that includes men in increasing numbers. Following are the five most commonly sought-after procedures in our practice.

By far the most common procedures are those that are minimally invasive which include use of botulinum toxins (Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin®) as well as fillers (most commonly Restylane®, Juvederm® and Radiesse®). These small, incremental improvements allow for practically no no downtime and avoid drastic changes in appearance that most men would find unacceptable or feel are unacceptable to their peers.

One of the newest options available is the semi-permanent filler Bellafill®. This product yields results that are sustained for up to 5 years, decreasing the frequency of visits needed to maintain a balanced distribution of facial volume that is the hallmark of a youthful face. Often, the pressure of competition in the workplace and the need to not appear “past their prime” is the driving factor for men, as well as the personal satisfaction of looking better.

BLEPHAROPLASTY (eyelid surgery)
As we age the upper lids develop skin excess that presents as a heavy fold, distorting the “openness” of the younger eyes. The lower lids are affected by the sunken appearance of deep tear troughs and development of prominent, bulging fat pads. This results in a tired-looking face that suggests loss of vitality or energy. The removal of excess skin via a well-placed incision that heals as a very fine line will rejuvenate the upper lids. For the lower lids, most often a removal of the excess fat and conservative trimming of redundant skin along the lash line will result in a refreshed look. These procedures are comfortably performed under local anesthesia, keeping costs down and avoiding the anxiety of “going under.”

A popular request for both men and women is the reduction of fat bulges, typically on the abdomen and flanks that will restore the body shape they once had. This often helps regain confidence and allows for a more pleasing and comfortable fit in their clothing. The procedure is done via tiny incisions, avoiding the larger scars that are involved with skin-removing procedures.   Functional recovery is quick, with most patients returning to work activities within days and exercise routines in a couple of weeks. Compression garments are standard to help decrease swelling faster and more uniformly so the desired result is achieved sooner. For smaller bulges of resistant fat, there is the purely non-invasive option of CoolSculpting. This revolutionary treatment allows selective damage to fat cells avoiding any scars or down time. As the name implies, it is an excellent tool to sculpt problem areas in men that are in good or moderate shape. It is not a replacement for weight loss or a healthy life-style.

MALE BREAST REDUCTION (correction of gynecomastia)
Whether it’s purely fat or glandular tissue (most commonly a mixture of both), the appearance of breasts in men is cause for embarrassment and decreased self-esteem. In younger males this deviation from the accepted normal will keep them from participating in certain activities that involve going shirtless (outdoor summer sports, pool parties or a routine trip to the beach). The procedure involves liposuction of the excess fat, sometimes with surgical removal of firmer breast tissue. Small scars around the areolas usually heal well, providing the desired flatter contour of the male chest.

Although facelifts can provide excellent improvement in appearance by removing skin excess, the recovery time and cost tend to make these procedures less common in active individuals. In men there is the added deterrent of distorting the hairline along the beard and sideburns which is a quick giveaway that surgery was done. Noninvasive techniques such as Ultherapy have provided a less risky and more subtle solution to this problem. Controlled heating of the collagen fibers results in shrinking and tightening of the treated skin, which reduces visible sagging. It is especially useful for those who want to maintain discretion about having anything done: the results are gradual and natural-looking and in most cases last longer than a year.  “Both male and female patients love this procedure because there are no sudden changes that give away something was done, they can keep their little secret from their friends,” says ESANA’s Dr. Davila. Since the skin is not violated, there is virtually zero recovery time. The results can be enhanced by filler injection in the right places and the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for sun damage and broken vessels which results in a more even tone and texture suggestive of a younger face.

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