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Eyelid Rejuvenation, Want Versus Need: Lisa’s Story

Lisa had been thinking about getting an upper blepharoplasty for several years but didn’t go through with it until this past year. Like many fifty-somethings, she is in a career she loves, finding it very rewarding and educational, but is working with a group of talented people that are younger than her. Although she eats right, exercises regularly and has always been told she looks younger than she actually is, she felt she looked “tired” at work and needed that fixed.

Javier Davila, MD came highly recommended by a nurse in the industry that she trusted. With all of the research she did online regarding upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and the great recommendation to go and see Dr. Davila, she entered her consultation armed with questions and a high trust-level that he would provide the results she was after. Lisa explained that she wanted it to look natural, not overly tight. She loved the way he explained the outcome. She laughed as he said to her, “your garage doors are working fine, but the awnings up top need some cleaning up.” At the end of the consultation she felt confident to quickly move forward and have the surgery.

Her blepharoplasty was done in Dr. Davila’s office and took about an hour and a half. After some local anesthetic was injected and the surgery began, she didn’t feel anything. He had a surgical assistant that he was training so she was listening and learning about everything that was happening. With her medical background, she found it all fascinating! She felt Dr. Davila was so confident and reassuring that she was surprised that it was over as quickly as it was. When she looked in the mirror she saw some swelling but felt all was good. Dr. Davila states “it’s at this point that the patients realize or accept that the surgery they thought they needed is actually surgery they wanted, it doesn’t feel like just correcting a problem but more like getting your old self back.”

The next morning when she looked in the mirror, she then discovered more swelling and black and blue areas. Lisa religiously put ice on her eyes and took a four day vacation with her daughter in the Adirondacks for a little break from work, she reassured us that she followed directions and did no lifting whatsoever. All of the swelling and black and blue areas quickly disappeared and she was able to return to work without anyone really noticing. She recalls having Dr. Davila remove her sutures 5 or 6 days later and decided to get Scar Gel to help minimize scars.

“I am so glad my nurse recommended Dr. Davila! I cannot be more pleased with my results and I truly feel I no longer look tired at work. It has given me the lift I was looking for when working alongside the millennials in my office!” says Lisa. “If anyone is thinking about this procedure, don’t hesitate! Get a consultation so you can have any of your concerns addressed by a physician you trust. My only wish is that I had done this a few years earlier! I thank the staff and Dr. Davila for making this experience so rewarding and basically pain-free!”

If you find yourself wondering about this procedure, please do your research and give us a call to set up a consultation with either of our board-certified plastic surgeons. You will get to talk about your particular situation and get an expert opinion on whether the surgery you want is the surgery you need.


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