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Hands-Free Body Contouring That Will Transform Not Only Your Look But Your Confidence Too

Summer is coming, and that means many people are starting their fad diets or hopping back on the treadmill for a quick fix. But there’s another solution that takes advantage of today’s technology. Body contouring and remodeling treatments, Evolve and Evoke, will boost your efforts to look and feel your best.

Since we introduced Evolve and Evoke treatments in November 2020, we’ve helped patients feel more self-confident. These FDA-approved devices emit safe, clinically tested radio frequencies deep into your skin to rejuvenate and sculpt. As a result, you feel a soothing warm sensation during treatment that allows you to relax and refresh during your treatment. Some compare it to a hot stone massage.

At ESANA, we love the Evolve and Evoke treatments because they make body contouring pain-free, simple, and effective. Whether you want to tone your abs, sculpt your butt, improve the appearance of cellulite, or decrease a double chin, these treatments will allow you to regain your confidence and feel like the best version of yourself!

Safe and Effective Treatments to Tame Your Trouble Spots
With these remodeling treatment options, our team meets with you to review your aesthetic goals and customize a treatment plan performed with these state-of-the-art medical devices.

All About Evolve: Body Transformation
Evolve offers a trifecta of treatment options that reduce the signs of aging in all problem areas:

  • EvolveTITE revitalizes and tightens loose skin
  • EvolveTRIM reduces fat content and may improve cellulite appearance
  • EvolveTONE stimulates muscles to enhance muscle strength and definition

The best part? Due to the non-invasive technology used, you won’t have any of the downtime or scars associated with traditional body reshaping surgery. While treatment plans vary depending on the person, you can expect between 4-6 weekly or bi-weekly sessions, lasting 30-60 minutes each to achieve your desired results.

All About Evoke: Facial Transformation
On the other hand, Evoke specifically targets facial remodeling in areas including the neck, cheeks, chin, and jowls. Bipolar radiofrequency energy pulses through the sleek devices positioned perfectly on your face in the area you want reshaping.

One client shared, “I was so self-conscious looking at my turkey neck. I was skeptical because the treatment was painless and quick. After a month from my fourth [Evoke] treatment, I am thrilled with the results.”

Similar to Evolve treatments, everyone is different. But with Evoke, you can expect between 4-6 weekly sessions, lasting 30-60 minutes to sculpt and enhance your natural facial features.

Evolve & Evoke: The Perfect Pair
These two treatment options are a perfect pair to remodel your entire body and enhance your beautiful, natural features. These treatments are so efficient that you can return to work without any down time! You may be ready to flaunt your shape on the beach this upcoming season, fully confident in yourself and how you look. This powerful duo is the ultimate in pain-free, non-invasive treatments.

Are You Ready to Tighten, Tone, and Transform? Call ESANA Today.
Schedule your free consultation for Evoke & Evolve treatment options at ESANA by calling (203) 562-7662 today. We’ll design an ideal treatment plan with the optimal number of sessions to tighten, tone, and transform your trouble spots for summer.

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