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Invest Now, or Pay Later

Many of our first time clients wonder whether they can justify the costs of aesthetic services, and our reply simply is, you cannot justify waiting. In many circumstances in life, waiting does not harm you. But when it comes to fighting the signs of aging, waiting does hurt you. If you start maintaining your skin early, it will take you much further into your future years looking great and younger than your stated age. The later you start, the more you will invest with less improvement.

So why is that? When you are young, your skin has the remarkable ability to react and change with the best quality collagen you have. Each day that goes by, your collagen ages and becomes less springy, with less life, and less elasticity. We need all those characteristics to get the best results from whatever it is you decide to try: skin products, facials, microdermabrasion, Botox, fillers, Ultherapy, and even surgery. The higher quality tissue we have, the more spectacular the results. And these results also last longer and become preventative against future aging.

For example, two women in their late twenties to early thirties start noticing small frown lines that linger longer than they used to between their eyebrows (the notorious “11” lines). Woman 1 decides to invest in Botox treatment. Woman 1 notices the line disappears and her skin recovers. In four to six months, Woman 2 decides to repeat the treatment to keep the line from forming. Woman 2 decides to wait and do nothing. Fast forward ten years. Woman 1 still has no lines and looks rested and energetic and only needs Botox twice a year because her muscle no longer has the strength to crease her skin. However, Woman 2 has heavily etched “11” lines and looks continuously tired and angry without trying. Now, she wants to start Botox. But, at this point, Botox will not be sufficient because the lines are now etched into the skin. She needs Botox with Restylane or Juvederm filler which is far more expensive per treatment. And, she will never achieve completely full correction of the heavy brow area, which Woman 1 prevented. Which woman would you want to be? And going forward the next several years, Woman 2 will have outspent Woman 1, and still will not look as good.

So when you ask yourself, why now? You should ask yourself, why not now?

In our next installment, we will cover what you should be thinking about for each decade of your life to maintain the youngest skin possible…

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