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Skin Deep : The Esana Beauty Blog

Keeping Skin Glowing: the Five Basics

What says youthfulness more than smooth, glowing skin? Follow these five essential steps for a healthy, radiant look at all stages of life:

  1. Beauty starts from the inside. Eat a varied diet that includes nutrient-dense foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins (wild salmon, organic lean meats, nuts, and beans), and keep hydrated with lots of water. Keep in mind that one of the most harmful things to your skin from the inside is smoking, so it’s best to avoid this bad habit.
  2. Protect and nourish your skin. Minimize sun exposure and stay protected when you do go into the sun with sun screens that contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Nourish your skin with creams and serums (like the ESANA Essential Signature Line) that have a high content of antioxidants, from vitamins E and C to green tea, and resveratrol. Products containing retinol will stimulate faster turnover of skin cells on the surface allowing for brighter skin to show.
  3. Integrate regular peels and facials. Expose fresher, more beautiful skin with peels and facials that slough off old, dead cells. While even one procedure can show glowing results, regular facials and peels can improve skin over time and significantly lessen the effects of sun damage, wrinkling, and scarring.
  4. Choose from a myriad of injectables and surface treatments to rejuvenate and refresh your face, from Botox and Dysport (for animation lines) to Juvederm and Restylane (to correct volume loss). For trouble spots, consider procedures like micro-needling (for scarring, fine lines or large pores) or treatments like Lumenis® IPL Photorejuvenation for both pigment and vascular skin imperfections.
  5. Develop a long-term skin plan with your plastic surgeon that meets your needs and helps you to stick to a regimen that keeps your skin healthy and young over time. Says ESANA’s Dr. Davila: “By developing a plan for healthy, long-term skin care during youth, you’ll make sure you look your best earlier in life, develop good habits, and maintain healthy, radiant skin through the later years more easily and successfully.”

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