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Love Your Nose!

Have you always had a love/hate relationship with your nose—the bump visible on profile pictures? Does the tip appear too wide head-on? Does it feel too long for your face? The size and shape that just doesn’t fit well? You are not alone! Millions of us have inherited a nose that erodes our self-image and drains our confidence as we go out into the world. However, unlike other family traits we inherit, this feature can be fixed!

Rhinoplasty or a “nose job” has been popular since the advent of plastic surgery because a nose is one of the most defining characteristic of the face. With so much history, plastic surgeons have continually improved surgery for the nose. As ESANA’s Dr. Davila explains, “Like many other procedures in cosmetic surgery, it can be successful with subtle changes. We leave the foundation and only change or take away what you don’t like. The result is a more natural appearance. In cases where drastic changes are needed, I discuss with my patients how it will end up changing the look of your face.”

Before rhinoplasty, your surgeon performs a thorough examination of your nose and takes into consideration all factors, from degree of function of the nasal structures to ethnicity, age, and skin type. Photographs of features that you like or dislike will help you work with the surgeon so you can define how you want your nose to look. One important thing to always consider is whether the desired cosmetic changes can interfere with the normal airflow and breathing function of the nose. We specialize in the aesthetic aspect, the face and nose that people will see every day and make you more confident. We do not perform surgery for breathing problems.

During the operation itself, small incisions are made, and the skin is lifted off the underlying bone and cartilage to allow full visualization of underlying structures. Next, the surgeon removes, reshapes or repositions small amounts of the bone and cartilage to achieve the desired appearance. The skin is then redraped over the framework, and the incisions are closed. Since most of the incisions are made inside the nose, visible scars are minimal. Avoiding trauma or sun exposure of the new scar are key to achieve a fine appearance. The final result can be a subtle or significant change depending on the patient’s goals. It should enhance the aesthetic balance of the face and allow him or her to get closer to their aesthetic ideal.


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