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New Year’s Resolutions That Have Staying Power

newyears-thumbAs we complete 2014 and the new year spreads before us, shining and full of promise, here are some resolutions that can help us to truly transform ourselves, body and mind.

1. Take up a mind-body practice. To make any lasting change, it’s best to start from the inside out. Make this the year you take up a mind-body practice that gives you serenity, inner peace, and helps you to release stress. Whether you meditate daily or take up yoga or Tai Chi, researchers tell us that mind-body practices improve our health and well-being and can even reduce visible signs of aging. A twenty-minute walk a day can be enough to help clear your mind and boost your activity level.

2. Simplify your skin care regimen. Part of reducing stress is to simplify your daily beauty regimen. With the ESANA Essential Signature Line, you can choose a few high-quality skin care products for an easy, daily routine that will keep your skin moisturized, toned, and glowing. And you can finally clear out the dozens of half-used beauty products that have accumulated in your bathroom drawer. Make this the year to commit to nurturing the largest organ in your body both morning and evening.

3. Focus on the health basics. Each year many of us try the latest diet that we abandon by February, order expensive weight loss supplements that only result in a thinner wallet, and add even more weight as we face discouragement with junk and comfort food. Make this the year to focus on the basics: reducing the sweets and carbs, eating mostly unprocessed foods, especially fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, while sipping clean, filtered water throughout the day. And as you reap the health and weight loss benefits of a balanced, wholesome diet, consider a non invasive procedure like CoolSculpting to finally rid yourself of stubborn fat bulges that refuse to cooperate.

4. Love your body—at each step of the journey. Make 2015 the year you love your body–now. While it is human to seek a more healthy, youthful, and attractive version of ourselves, we are all a work in progress. Only by feeling good about who we are at every stage of our lives—and limiting critical and negative thoughts–will we have the confidence and strength to make the changes that can truly transform us, inside and out.   The same suggestion listed above (a daily 20-minute walk) can give you time to reflect and focus on the positive aspects of your current physical state. Just don’t forget to wear your sunblock.



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