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Non-Invasive Approaches to the Dreaded Double Chin

You can’t cover up, disguise, or hide a double chin. There it is—every time you look in the mirror—an imperfection usually impossible to diet or exercise away. Fortunately, there are two non-surgical options that can virtually eliminate your double chin, with no downtime required.

If your skin is still relatively tight, you may be the perfect candidate for the CoolMini from CoolSculpting® or Kybella, a fat dissolving injectable. People with loose skin or major wrinkles around the chin and neck may require non-invasive skin tightening with Ultherapy or a surgical face and neck lift.

According to ESANA’s Dr. Pan, “An in-person consultation is required to examine the distribution of the neck fat and the quality of skin to determine which approach would be best. Sometimes it can be a combination of CoolSculpting, Kybella, and/or Ultherapy.”

For the CoolMini, the surgeon or practitioner uses special panels to gently cool unwanted fat cells to induce a natural, controlled elimination of these cells without harming surrounding tissue. After the first few minutes, the patient feels an intense cold which quickly dissipates. During the session, the patient can read, watch a movie, or just relax while seated comfortably.

For the Kybella treatment, your doctor will numb the neck skin and small injections of deoxycholic acid are introduced into the fat deposits below the chin and under the jawline. Deoxycholic acid is naturally produced by your gall bladder to dissolve fat naturally, so this is considered a natural substance to your body. The whole treatment lasts about 20 minutes, with some swelling and bruising afterwards. Fat reduction starts to be apparent 3-4 weeks after treatment. Most patients require an average of two sessions of either procedure about a month apart to see the most dramatic results.

These new breakthroughs have almost obviated the need for more invasive and expensive neck liposuction, and allow patients to return to their daily lives immediately without any prolonged recovery. It is important that you find a board certified plastic surgeon to do your evaluation, so that you get the most appropriate treatment.

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