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Optimum Skin Care in Winter Weather

Beautiful woman wearing winter clothesThe winter cold, less exposure to natural light, and dry, overheated rooms all bring special challenges to your skin care regimen. The ESANA Essential Signature Line offers all the products you need to retain a healthy radiance throughout the winter months.

To combat dry winter skin, start by bumping up your current moisturizer to the next level. For example, you may move from ESANA Hydrate to ESANA Replenish or from ESANA Replenish to ESANA Recover. If you are using your moisturizer in the morning, apply it both in the morning and on cleansed skin before bed.

To protect the moisture balance in your skin, exfoliate once or twice a week, rather than every day. Exfoliation can make your skin more vulnerable to dry air conditions that lead to dehydration. In addition, having a humidifier in your bedroom at night will help slow the dehydration that occurs when you sleep in a dry environment.

Keep lips from cracking by using a good conditioning balm with SPF. Try not to lick your lips when you are outside so the vulnerable skin doesn’t crack. If you are outside for extended periods of time, protect the delicate skin on your face with a neoprene face mask. Always use SPF outdoors no matter how short the exposure since the sun’s rays are just as strong – if not stronger—especially when there is snow on the ground that reflects the sun’s rays.

Sunlight is also intensified through the glass in your car, as well as when it is reflected from snow on the ground. To guard against the formation of hyper-pigmentation, remember your SPF even if you are spending the day driving, indoors, or when briefly outdoors this winter.

To supercharge your skin if the home regimen is not enough, hydrating facials can be helpful to infuse your skin with nourishing moisture more deeply.

And the tried and true advice of drinking plenty of water and antioxidant teas, eating fresh fruits and lots of greens, and getting plenty of sleep is especially important in winter to help your skin to stay hydrated and glowing until springtime.

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