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Skin Deep : The Esana Beauty Blog

Our Doctors’ Best Advice for all Ages

Esana Medspa offers a range of non-invasive (and invasive) treatments for all ages. To help you achieve your goal of maintaining a youthful appearance, our staff have the unique benefit of consulting with two board-certified plastic surgeons on a daily basis. Dr. Pan and Dr. Davila agree there are many benefits to developing a regimen of treatments and products to fight visible signs of aging. Below are their customizable recommendations to consider based on age:

Under 35 – The Prevention Plan: Microdermabrasion and Botox

With a skincare regimen including moisturizing and sun protection, patients under 35 benefit from keeping their skin fresh with microdermabrasion and wrinkle-free with Botox. During microdermabrasion treatments, patients are treated to a relaxing facial by one of our award-winning aestheticians. Removing a layer of dead cells from your skin will give you a fresher appearance and allow better penetration of your skin care products. Our doctors agree that Botox is their favorite treatment for preventing wrinkles: “Starting Botox or Dysport right at the time when lines start remaining visible after frowning or smiling, will keep them from getting too deep, to the point where they are etched in the skin” says Dr. Pan.

Age 35-55 – The Maintenance Plan: Microneedling with PRP and Ultherapy

During ‘middle-age’, our skin naturally loses volume and elasticity. To increase volume, microneedling with PRP is performed with plasma-rich platelets (PRP) from the patient’s blood. Our aesthetician, Vicki, says microneedling with PRP is ‘most effective to activate elastin fibers for firmer, voluminous skin’. Ultherapy uses sound waves to create controlled heat and tighten skin around the jaw and neck, this effect is achieved by stimulating collagen production. It is a true zero-down-time treatment that most patients find very effective. Ultherapy targets deeper layers and provides tightening in the face or neck while microneedling targets the surface to help correct and even out minor irregularities and pores.

Over 55 – The Corrective Plan: Chemical Peels and Fractora

Later in life, skin requires more deeply penetrating treatments like Chemical Peels and Fractora. Chemical peels, depending on an individual patient’s goals can be used to simply brighten the skin, to reduce appearance of pores or even to correct hyperpigmentation. Fractora is a skin rejuvenation treatment that reduces wrinkles, helps even tone and leads to skin tightening by stimulating collagen production. Its effects are more dramatic than Ultherapy, in order to achieve these results there is some post-treatment redness that can be covered with makeup on the third day. Ultherapy is still useful in the over-55 age group as it truly has no down time, making it the treatment of choice for patients too busy to have any down time. “Fractora has largely replaced Ultherapy in patients over 55 or 60 as there is more to correct and they tend to have more flexibility or control over their schedules which allows them the two-day down time of Fractora” says Dr. Davila.

There are many options for aesthetic care. With any medical care, however, physician credentials matter. Many medspas have a ‘medical director’ or ‘consulting physician’ but Esana is run by two board-certified plastic surgeons with a passion for providing superior care and staff that shares in that passion to deliver optimal results.

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