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The latest technology in breast implants

Have you or a friend contemplated breast implants? Has your research made you wonder which are the safest? Which might feel and look more natural? How much they cost? And, will I be happy with my decision in the long run?

Dr. Pan and Dr. Davila have performed this surgery on hundreds of patients and have heard many of them tell their personal stories as to how they came to their decision and whether they feel it has been worth it in the long run. Dr. Pan has also performed revisions for patients that have gone elsewhere and not had lasting results. Here is your opportunity to learn all that goes into this important decision so you can optimize your outcome at ANY age! We encourage everyone to read testimonials, ask questions and take all of their many options available seriously.

First, start with the choice of your surgeon. Important questions you should ask include: What is the most natural-feeling implant? What should I expect for recovery time? How much does it cost? What are the health risks? Why do some implants leak and what are the most common complications? Getting honest answers to all of your concerns will help you feel most comfortable when choosing your physician and your implant.

The main choices for implant material are saline or silicone. Each type has pros and cons. Saline provides peace of mind as patients don’t have to worry about a silent rupture, something that can occur with silicone. A ruptured silicone implant, if ignored can cause inflammation, discomfort, accelerate scarring around the implant and lead to formation of lumps (granulomas) and eventual deformity of the breast. For this reason, manufacturers recommend screening the implants for rupture at 3 years and then every other year using MRI technology.

Saline implants allow you to avoid the risk of silicone and there is no need for imaging to detect a rupture. If a saline implant ruptures, your body absorbs the salt water uneventfully. A visible decrease in size of the breast will alert you that the implant is ruptured and needs replacement. Saline implants are a bit firmer than silicone, therefore patients that desire a softer feel will choose silicone despite the extra attention they require during their lifetime.

Combining the best features of saline and silicone, the Ideal Implant structured breast implant provides a third option that is softer than regular saline implants without the screening for rupture that silicone implants require. Dr. Davila advises his patients to consider this new implant as the option with the most natural feel with no risk of a silent rupture.

Both Dr. Pan and Dr. Davila offer their patients all options to consider before coming to a decision. Which implant is the best fit varies from person to person. Those who want to have no worries about their implant rupturing tend to choose saline, those that place a high value on the softness of the implant tend to choose silicone. Slightly firmer than silicone but softer than regular saline implants, the Ideal Implant can be a happy medium for some patients. It is also FDA-approved for ages 18-22 (silicone is only approved for ages 22 and older), has a shorter incision length and has the least rupture risk of all of its competitors. Dr. Pan has noted that some of her patients choose this option despite a slightly higher cost.

Not everyone will choose the same implant, but everyone should know from an experienced surgeon all of their options. As a patient, you should always consider your health, safety, future maintenance, and possible complications, in addition to the aesthetic result. It is only with all the information available to you that you’ll feel confident in your choice. If you are considering breast augmentation, learn more by reading some of our testimonials and setting up a consultation with one of the Esana plastic surgeons .

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