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Kybella For Your Double Chin in CT

Are you unhappy with your Double Chin or profile in the mirror?

Do you want a solution to your double chin? Our plastic surgery centers in New Haven CT and Guilford CT offers you several ways to help you like your neck again! During your consultation you will learn about the following as effective, non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

Kybella for your double chin offered in CT    CoolSculpting gives Connecticut patients a non invasive treatment for your Double Chin    Ultherapy for your double chin located in CT    Kybella offers CT patients for your double chin


What is the cost?

Each treatment option has its own pricing which will be discussed when you come to our top plastic surgery center and medspa. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will discuss each option, their costs and what results you should expect after each procedure. Some people develop their double chin over time and some people are just not happy with their profile and wish to gain a more sculptured chin/neckline area. Either situation can be helped with one of these 4 procedures.


Kybella For Double Chin in CT

Kybella has been approved by the FDA for treatment (reduction) of fat under the chin. Injection of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally produced by your body to digest fat, will result in reduction of submental fat (or “double chin”). This is an effective non-surgical treatment that can improve the aesthetics of your chin and neck definition. It is ideal for those whose sagging neck profile is caused by a fat pocket and want to avoid surgery.

At least 2 Kybella treatments are usually necessary to maximize a change in chin profile. Treatments can be spaced as close as 4-6 weeks apart.

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Results for Kybella Double Chin in CT
Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Results for Kybella
Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

Kybella by Dr. Pan *results may vary

CoolSculpting For Double Chin in CT

CoolSculpting as an alternative for double chin in ConnecticutAre you looking for a nonsurgical procedure that also offers no needles and no downtime? You may be a perfect candidate for the non-invasive CoolSculpting treatment to reduce fat under the chin and help contour the neckline. A consultation with our top cosmetic surgeons will show you before and after pictures of many happy clients, as well as review costs for CoolSculpting the neck area. Multiple treatments may be necessary for optimal results. All of this will be discussed privately when you sit down with either of Connecticut’s top plastic surgeons, Deborah Pan, MD or Javier Davila, MD.

The CoolSculpting procedure results in a noticeable and measurable reduction of fat in the treated area. Most patients can start to see results as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of one to three months. Every patient is unique, so patients are encouraged to talk to their physician about a customized treatment plan as part of the initial consultation. Additional treatments in the same or multiple areas may enhance the desired aesthetic effect.

Plastic Surgeon for Double Chin
CoolSculpting by Dr. Davila *results may vary

Ultherapy For Double Chin in CT

Ultherapy is a Non-Surgical solution for your Double Chin in CTUltherapy is the only non-invasive prodecure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck and under the chin. This cutting edge procedure uses ultrasound to transform the chin to give you the profile you want to see in your reflection while looking in the mirror or a family photo! This has been a safe and effective in clinical studies and in over a half a million treatments worldwide.

Ultherapy in CT is a non-surgical solution for your double chin
Ultherapy by Dr. Pan *results may vary


Liposuction For Double Chin in CT

Chin liposuction (also called submental liposuction) is designed to reduce excess fat under the chin, or in the neck, and jowls. These fat collections are often not metabolized easily with diet and exercise, and thus rarely improve with weight loss. Subplatysmal fat is especially stubborn and can be prevalent in your neck regardless of your overall body weight. Sometimes eliminating your double chin requires a little extra help.

Procedure and recovery
Most patients have liposuction of the neck (with or without the laser) under local anesthesia. They walk in, have the procedure, and drive themselves home. They can return to work immediately although they are required to wear a chin strap garment.

Potential results
Successful liposuction of the chin area will best be determined by the quality of the skin and patient compliance. During your consultation at our premiere Connecticut medspa, our two board-certified plastic surgeons, Deborah Pan MD and Javier Davila MD will evaluate whether you have enough elasticity for the skin to contract after the removal of the underlying fat. In some cases, the best results come from a combination treatment. In addition to a chin liposuction, a neck lift might help remove or tighten loose skin for the best overall result.

Dr Pan and Dr Davila treats Double Chin in CT
Chin Lipo by Dr. Davila *results may vary

Meet with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in CT

Our Yale-educated, board certified top plastic surgeons, Deborah Pan, MD and Javier Davila, MD are always willing to listen to your cosmetic surgery needs during your cosmetic consultation. Information about Botox and Injectables and alternate options are provided when you visit our Connecticut office (easy on/off from I-91).

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