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Signs of Early Aging? Cut This Out of Your Diet in 2022

Are you one of the many that crave your afternoon caffeine boost in the form of a sugary, bubbly beverage? As adults, we know that soda isn’t the best choice of beverage, yet the taste and energy boost are hard to pass up. But new research is uncovering that soda may do more than perk you up and expand your waistline. Current Nutrition Reports recently shared that drinking sugar-sweetened drinks like soda impacts your gut bacteria, causes inflammation, and increases oxidated stress. Do you know what all those things have in common? They’re causes of early aging. In fact, researchers from the University of California San Francisco shared, “For a daily consumption of the current standard 20-ounce serving size for sugar-sweetened sodas, this corresponds to 4.6 additional years of aging.”

So, why exactly does it cause that type of accelerated aging? Let’s dig a little deeper.

How Soda is Negatively Impacting Aging

A daily soda is aging you nearly five years quicker than other more healthy beverages. How does that happen?

The high dose of sugar in just one bottle of soda leads to the shortening of chromosomes called telomeres. These integral cells are directly correlated to aging. Mystery solved! It’s actually the same effect that smoking cigarettes has on your body.

Maybe it’s time to change up some habits to invest in health in the new year!

Reverse Signs of Aging with ESANA in the New Year

Besides replacing your afternoon cravings with fun flavored seltzers, there are many other ways you can reverse signs of aging and rejuvenate your appearance. And the new year is the best time to do it. That’s why in January, we’re offering deals on HydraFacial® treatments and Ultherapy® treatments. Both of which are non-invasive and can reverse signs of early aging caused by a few too many sodas or just general aging, with natural results.

HydraFacial® Treatments

This simple, 5-step facial exfoliates, peels, extracts, infuses nourishment, and protects your skin, all in one session. The outcome is a more even skin tone and texture, as well as visibly tightened elasticity in the skin and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. We use specially formulated serums and products that are built to nourish, refresh, and restore your youthful appearance, quickly.

Ultherapy® Treatments

This 30- to 60-minute procedure uses sound waves to heat tissue, which in turn, lifts and tightens skin without the need for surgery. With no downtime, you can get right back to living your life! Results appear over a 3-month period as new collagen is grown during the body’s natural healing response from the procedure. A simple way to reverse aging and delay the need for a facelift!

Schedule a consultation or call us at 203-562-7662 to book your anti-aging treatments at ESANA today.

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