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Skin Deep : The Esana Beauty Blog

Taking Care of the Largest Organ in the Body—Your Skin

1 - Skin_Care_Consultation_HeaderThe complex task of taking care of the largest organ in the body—the skin—can break down into two simple rules:

1. Protect during the day
2. Repair and regenerate at night

Protection of the skin starts on the inside with excellent diet and exercise. Since skin is constantly renewing, it quickly reflects your diet. For a healthy, blemish-free glow, choose foods that are non-processed and low in carbs and sugar. Fruits with darker skins such as cherries and blueberries, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, are especially good for your skin and overall health. Maintaining a healthy weight will also prevent premature skin laxity.

And we all know that water not only helps us to flush toxins but also keeps skin fresh, soft, glowing, and smooth. Complete your healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise routine that keeps the heart pumping blood to the skin and all the other vital organs.

Another important step in skin care is to avoid dangerous UV rays. When possible, stay out of direct sunlight between the hours of 11 and 4. Otherwise, wear protective hats and clothing. For exposed skin, sun screen is a must—every day! Studies have shown sunscreen can prevent facial brown spots, skin discoloration, and the appearance of facial red veins. Using sun screens also slows down premature aging of skin and decreases the risk of developing skin cancer. Need any more convincing?

At night when your body is at rest, your skin needs to be nourished and stimulated to renew. Be careful of the products—and ingredients—you choose for both night and day time skin care. Some can actually be damaging to the skin! Instead of shopping around, stay with medical grade products like Esana’s Signature Line that you can trust to include the most effective and scientifically researched ingredients available. For example, to simplify your night time care routine, Esana offers Esana Essential, a popular blend that combines Retin-A, Vitamins C and E, and a brightening agent all in one product. Other products include cleansers for different skin types, eye cream, and sun screen.

Along with regular, high-quality skin care at home, you may wish to add a regular regime of medical spa treatments—from Dermapen micro-needling to facials, peels, and microdermabrasion. All are designed to slough off dead skin cells, nourish the skin, and usher in new skin cells that look fresh and vibrant.

The skin on your face and body shows signs of aging faster than any other body part because the skin is under constant assault. While you can’t prevent aging, with diet, exercise, sun protection, and high-quality skin care you can reduce the impact of these assaults and maintain a life-long healthy, youthful glow.

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